SEPTEMBER 27TH - 29TH, 2024


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Who Are We?

HackOverflow is an annual collegiate Hardware Hackathon that provides students from all backgrounds and interests with a fun opportunity to learn, collaborate in teams, and build physical product prototypes of what could be the next big thing.

Why HackOverflow?

The purpose of HackOverflow is to create a diverse environment where students can work hands-on with society-impactful projects and attain technical skills applicable for future careers. There is ample opportunity to network with peers, mentors, and industry experts.

What's Our Vision?

At HackOverflow, we strive to develop the community through education, ideation, teamwork, initiative, and invention. Our goal is to showcase the brilliance of technology and its power to do wonders for society.

Frequently Asked Questions

All GMU students are encouraged to apply regardless of major! GMU graduates who have graduated within the last 12 months can also apply.

September 21st is the last day to register, so register quickly!

Yes, HackOverflow will be hosted in the JC or Horizon Hall based on activities and the schedule.

No, participants are expected to leave at 9pm on each day of HackOverflow.

Yes, HackOverflow is open to all levels.

Yes, we will have workshops hosted by GMU student organizations, our sponsors, and us.

No, we will have a team builder workshop. You can also use our Discord server @ #team-formation to find your team.

You’re not required to be at HackOverflow at all times, but you are required to check-in on the first day. Anyone that checks in after won’t be allowed in unless you let us know 24 hours beforehand. You’ll also be responsible for finding a team on the first day, so take advantage of our discord server to find a team.


Coming Soon!

Interested in sponsoring us? Please check out our sponsorship packet and reach out to sponsors@hackoverflow.org for more details.