HackOverflow Interest Form

01 Dec 2021


We are the HackOverflow Organizing Team! HackOverflow is a new and upcoming engineering Hackathon scheduled for the Spring Semester of 2022. The purpose of HackOverflow is to create a diverse environment where students can push innovation to the next level!

This event is designed to be open for all students regardless of major or concentration, and is hardware and software centered. Each team will be given the chance to build a device revolving around a theme that will announced the day of the event. HackOverflow will give you the opportunity to work hands-on on society-impactful projects, attend a variety of workshops, meet new people, network with mentors and companies, develop technical and professional skills, and compete for a GRAND PRIZE! There will also be… of course… Free Food!

Please fill out this form if you are interested in participating in HackOverflow!

We are ever so excited to have you on board!

HackOverflow Organizing Team